It's not about the pot stupid

The Supreme Court just screwed you over big time and you don’t care because the decision involved pot. Everyone has been sounding off about the recent decision that state laws governing medicinal use of marijuana do not override the federal ban despite the pot being grown, used and given away for free within the confines of a single state. Does that sound like “interstate commerce” to you?

Congress and the federal government et al have used the “interstate commerce” clause in the constitution to grab tons of power. They used this to justify income taxes, drug policies, etc. Anyone who is in favor of a strong centralized federal government scares me. Why? Well, of course, I’ll tell you why.

This means individual states cannot decide what is good for their own state. For instance, Texas could outlaw gay marriage while California chooses to make it legal. The Supreme Court, essentially, has said with this decision that states do not have the right to govern what happens within their borders. Remember, the pot was grown, consumed and given away for free within the borders of the State of California. Why does the federal government get to step in here? The voters of California have spoken. They feel medicinal use of marijuana, which is prescribed by a doctor, should be legal. If they don’t care, then why should the federal government all the way back in Washington, D.C. care?

This smacks of majority tyranny. If 51% of the states think that something should be illegal, but Vermont thinks it should be legal, then who are we to care? If you don’t like a state law then don’t live in/visit that state. Simple as that.