Tyranny of Majority Rule

I have to say that as I look around the current political climate of the United States I see more things that I don’t like than I do like. The current attitude in most of the US is that “you’re either with us or your with the terrorists”. Any thoughts that deviate from the agenda are seen as unpatriotic and evil. Thomas Jefferson famously wrote about the tyranny of majority rule (the thought that 51% of the people could rule 49% of the people). It’s happening right now and I’m getting pretty depressed about it. People think that if 51% of the population doesn’t care about civil liberties then the rest of us should blindly follow. I guess those people have forgotten that the Constitution applies to people in singularity and not “the majority”. After all the great document starts with “We the people” and not “We the majority”.

Last time I checked it’s my right and, some would say, my obligation to question the government and the decisions it makes if I don’t agree with them. So, the next time you tell someone that what they’re doing is “unpatriotic” or “not right” or “against God’s will” think about this: who are you to decide what is right for that person? If what they are doing isn’t personally affecting you then why the hell do you care? And, for everyone else’s sake, please don’t envoke the “our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves” defense.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Let’s destruct this famous quote by Thomas Jefferson. First off he says “their Creator”, which oddly enough, isn’t “God”. Even over 200 years ago Jefferson was intelligent enough to recognize that not everone believed in a single creator. Also, note those two crazy words at the end of the quote: “Liberty” and “Happiness”. I really like those words. I particularily like “Happiness”. Jefferson, I think, is recognizing the fact that the world is full of all sorts of different people and that each one defines that word differently. Some people define happiness as a day at the park, others define it as hating a specific race and dressing up in white sheets. The point is that, no matter what makes you happy, you have a right to be happy, though I think we all understand that you can’t tread on other peoples’ “self-evident” and “unalienable” Rights.

My point? My point is, that if you don’t like my point you are free to click the Back button or close your browser window, or simply browse to google.com and look for something that defines happiness for you.

2 thoughts on “Tyranny of Majority Rule

  1. Perhaps within an entry about the tyrannical forces that you call our current ruling government, you should mention which civil liberties you lost because of them.

    Also, it may help to note that someone is always going to be pissed off if they don’t get their way. Instead of you talking about how horrible things are for you and your 49%, it would be me and my 49% speaking about the Godless evil-doers whom are self-involved without concern for the rest of the world.

    If you want to tell the world that Jefferson really hates majoritys, maybe you should question why our political system is based on the representation of the majority. It certainly isn’t the fault of any one party.

    As for someone telling another person that something is unpatriotic… I believe that falls into opinion. Last *I* heard, we are free to voice said opinions. So why are YOU questioning that right? Do you want to infringe on someones free speech? I thought not.

    I never really understand what the purpose of a blog-rant about how horrible our government is when we are gloriously free compared to a lot of the world. Sure we should fight for everything we want, but as the billboards say “a bumper sticker never changed anything”. Hence why we are a indirect-democracy here to vote for our officials to do our bidding.

    It would be a lovely thing if we could all be within our own safe-haven of happiness but just like the problem of having a direct-democracy, it doesn’t scale well like that. We don’t live within a spread landscape of hundreds of miles between towns spanning state-to-state. We must deal with what we, the people, have decided based on our majority.

    If your party and ideals were happening, you know you wouldn’t be saying all of this…

    The argument about people not ‘personally’ affecting someone else is a tired and invalid point to try and make. Just because you don’t want/think it affects someone, doesn’t make it so. Remember your point about saying how horrible it is to have a tyrannical-majority? Well how isn’t a no-smoking section a tyrannical-majority? Are all non-smokers now officially biggots because they want to be segregated from those evil smoke-inhaling fiends of Satan?

    Yes dramatic effect is fun… but more importantly… we can sensationalize anything you want to pretend is a right given by our fore-fathers. They wanted us to marry brother and brother, smoke weed, drink at 9, hug a tree, and make sure a God-loving man was never President for fear of morality!

    My point? My point is if you are unhappy with the government then do something more proactive to change it rather than complain retroactively about the election. The election has come and gone. 3 1/2 more years of this evil tyranny. Creator [not God] save us all from these Tyrannical Christians; who knows, they may keep trying to save babies and prevent planes from flying at our buildings. The horror of it all.

  2. Response to Mark Stanislav:

    “Creator [not God] save us all from these Tyrannical Christians; who knows, they may keep trying to save babies and prevent planes from flying at our buildings.”

    If that’s what they are trying to do, then pissing off the rest of the world with unwarranted attacks, torture, lies, corruption, arrogance and deceit while leaving our ports undefended and our schools underfunded is a really stupid way of going about it.

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