Teenage Fantasy Lands Him in Jail

Does anyone remember the First Amendment? If anyone thinks that the our rights are not constantly under fire from the government should think again. 9/11 and the PATRIOT Act have allowed the government to mount a successful attack on First Amendment rights. For those of you who didn’t take civics in high school here is a short review of what the First Amendment guarantees the citizens:

  1. Disallows the establishment of a state endorsed religion
  2. Right to free speech
  3. Disallows limitations of a free press
  4. Guarantees freedom of religion

Now that we’re all caught up you might want to read a story about an 18 year old kid who was arrested for writing a fictional story about forceably taking over a high school. Am I the only one who that didn’t have thoughts of destroying my high school? And since when is writing down your thoughts against the law?

This is why laws that allow the government to monitor your reading habits, what you write down, etc. are so scary to me. We live in a nation that allows organizations like the KKK to exist, so I don’t understand what’s so horrible about letting this guy write down his thoughts.

Also, does this mean that people who write scripts for movies that involve terrorist attacks and other widespread mahem are guilty of “terroristic threatening”?

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