Ben Exworthy issue of The Stranger

Many people outside of Seattle most definitely do not know about a weekly newsmag called The Stranger. It’s a local newsmag about what’s going on, recent news, etc. written by a bunch of liberal hipsters. A great resource for finding fun stuff to do and reading fairly entertaining stories.

At any rate, this month’s issue is all about Ben Exworthy. In fact, it’s called The Ben Exworthy Narcissism Issue.

Back in December, I was reading the Strangercrombie catalog with my girlfriend Brit when she suggested that I buy everything involving The Stranger itself. […] By auction’s end, I’d bought the cover, Last Days, I Anonymous, Savage Love, Celeb I Saw U, rave Chow, Music and Books reviews, Drunk of the Week, the back-page comic, and one page of Stranger editorial space to fill however the hell I wanted.

So for $12,000 this guy bought an entire issue of The Stranger, which I must admit is amazingly hysterical. I’m actually planning on reading the whole issue just because I find it so amusing.

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