The Bush Administration: 100 Facts and 1 Opinion

I found a great article titled 100 Facts and 1 Opinion about the Bush Administration [via]. It’s pretty damning, IMO. Read it over, if you still feel like voting for Bush … well … that confuses me.

The problem, of course, is that millions of Americans don’t care that the President has underfunded ports by 1 billion, spent 140 billion on a war of choice (that was a total sham), assigned five times as many agents to investigate a 50 year old embargo against Cuba as he did to investigate Osama bin Laden’s money trail, etc.

And I love you idiots out there saying “BUT HE LOWERED TAXES!”. Really? You got your $300 check FOUR YEARS AGO. And the followup was given to the top 1% of the country. To top it all off, your job is being exported to places like Mexico, India and Russia. Why? Because Bush has given tax breaks to companies that offshore jobs.

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