Frat Boy Math

At my alma matter, Eastern Michigan University, this weekend is Homecoming. Being Greek I’ve been paying attention to the new regulations that have been passed down by the University concerning tailgating for Greeks. My brothers are up in arms over the new regulation that states you can only bring a “six pack” of canned beer to the festivities. A six pack should be enough right? Well, most of my brothers are livers larger than Rhode Island and as such wish to consume more than six beers in a six hour period.

Luckily one of my brothers has found a loop hole. I’m calling it “Schenkel’s Law of Efficiency” and it works as follows.

1.) 6 x 22 oz of Steel Reserve = 132 oz of Beer
2.) 132 oz * 11% = 14.52 oz of total alcohol

In comparison to ...

1.) 12 x 24 oz of Bud Light = 288 oz of Beer
2.) 288 * 4.2% = 12.1 oz of total alcohol

By a.) buying 22 oz. cans of beer and b.) buying a beer with a very high alcohol content you easily usurp the “six pack” stipulation. Of course, if you’re used to drinking a 12 pack or an entire case you might want to pay close attention to the rate at which you consume the beer.

So there you have it, frat boys do pay attention to the classes that help them.

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