New Bush Policy: You're fired!

A new Bush plicy is starting to be used throughout government and it’s been properly licensed from The Donald. People in government who speak out against Bush policies or are critical of actions taken by the White House are being either forced out of office our outright fired for their criticisms. Just ask former U.S. Park Police Chief Teresa Chambers who was fired recently for criticising a lack of funding and support for our Nation’s parks.

“The American people should be afraid of this kind of silencing of professionals in any field,” she said. “We should be very concerned as American citizens that people who are experts in their field either can’t speak up, or, as we’re seeing now in the parks service, won’t speak up.”

National Park Service officials said Chambers broke rules barring public comment about budget discussions and prohibiting lobbying by someone in her position.

Shouldn’t she be the one lobbying for more funding if she sees a glaring lack of it? This makes no sense and appears, at least to me, to be politically motivated. Personally, I’d like to know ahead of time from the people in charge that we need more funding, more officers, etc. I’d also like it if they weren’t fired for telling me such things.

2 thoughts on “New Bush Policy: You're fired!

  1. Agreed — this type of shit disturbs me. In terms of getting fired for speaking out, the only difference between G-Dub’s good ‘ol boy regime and that of SeƱor Saddam, is that US personnel walk away with all their limbs.

  2. Disturbing? Well what do you expect? Sanity or profit? We all know but we’ll never do anything except complain, after it’s too late. How do you fight absolute power?

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