Greetings from Seattle

I’m currently hanging out in Brad’s condo. I’ve been in Seattle since Monday and have been having a great time. I’ve been running around looking for condos with three (yes three) realtors and it’s been insane. Lauren and I have our eyes on two units right now and plan on making an offer tomorrow on one of them. The picture to the right is the view from Brad’s new condo.

Seattle, from my point of view, is basically a miniature version of San Francisco. Same terrain (very hilly), same kind of people/vibe (hippies/liberal) and a decent tech area with Amazon, Real Networks, F5 and Microsoft all calling the area home. The best part is that the area has extremely reasonable prices. I’ve found large two bedrooms close to downtown for $180k, which would be impossible to do in San Francisco.

Brad and I have been working on some stuff for his August 1st rollout of a bunch of related material in between me running around looking at condos. Nights have been spent, of course, in the company of Brad and his friends at various bars in the area. The scene is very much up my alley: laid back. Not a booty shaking nightclub in sight, which suits me just fine. If you are interested at the massive array of condos I’ve looked at check out this link.

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