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Articles, Publications & Software

This is a running list of articles, interviews, publications and software that I have written and were, at some point, published on various sites around the Internet. This will be a running list as they are published. The article links all open in a new window.

  1. Understanding MVC in PHP Sep. 15 2005 A four part series that covers creating MVC web frameworks using PHP5. Framework is the resulting code from this article.
  2. MySQL UC 2005: Ways for Using and Extending FULLTEXT Apr. 20 2005 My presentation, including source code on how to combine LAMP and MySQL’s FULLTEXT indexes to create useful site searching.
  3. Unfinished PEAR/Smarty Book n/a I was first approached by A+ Press to write a book about PEAR and Smarty in August of 2003. Due to editor problems on their end the book was never finished. Here are the first three chapters, which cover basic info about PEAR and Smarty, the base PEAR classes and how to manage PEAR packages. I’m releasing them under the terms of this site’s copyright terms.
  4. The State of Home-Brew PVRs on Linux Nov. 13 2003 at O’Reilly’s A brief look at the current status of PVR software for Linux. Includes comparisons of the Freevo and MythTV projects.
  5. php{con West 2003: MySQL FULLTEXT Searching Oct. 22, 2003 at php{con West 2003 A technical session given at php{con West 2003 covering the basics of using MySQL’s FULLTEXT indexes.
  6. Building an Advanced Mail Server Sep. 25 2003 at O’Reilly’s A detailed article covering how to install Qmail, SpamAssassin, virus protection, vpopmail on an email server. Includes instructions for installing Apache and utilizing the Squirrel Mail webmail front end.
  7. Finding Bad Spam Delights Geeks Aug. 04 2003 at Wired News An article about a now defunct project of mine called SpamChart. Talks about what inspired the project and geeks’ obsessions with SpamAssassin’s scores.
  8. MySQL FULLTEXT Searching Jun. 26 2003 at O’Reilly’s An introduction to MySQL’s FULLTEXT indexes, including how to structure the tables, perform queries and how one might extend this feature in MySQL.
  9. Smarty: A Closer Look Mar. 18, 2003 at A brief tutorial of the advanced features of PHP’s templating engine covering such topics as template caching, template security, and variable modifiers.
  10. Intro to PEAR Dec. 23 2002 at An introduction to using the PEAR library for error handling, database abstraction, and logging.
  11. SQL Theory & Howto Jan. 01 2001 at A brief overview of the relation algebra that SQL is based on and how to build complex SQL queries based on user input.
  12. XML HowtoSep. 07 2000 at A simple tutorial on how to parse XML documents using PHP’s expat functions.

1 thought on “Articles & Publications

  1. Joe –
    I’ve got a question about the Safecat/qmail/vpopmail/SA article.
    If a message comes in to a non-existent user, this SA/Safecat scripts runs fine, but then it get caught in the queue. For some reason it gets hung up on creating that new .Spam folder, but permissions arent’ right for a bad mail adress…and doesn’t seem to get to the ”bounce-no-mailbox part of the script.
    I copied you word-or-word, and it works Great for existing users. What can I do about the no-mailbox no-bounce?

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