Bad Week For Bush

And it’s only Monday! And I doubted those who said Bush and his cronies were over-achievers. At any rate here are some great stories coming out this week.

  1. The State Department to Correct Terror ReportThe State Department said on Thursday its report that the number of international “terrorist” attacks fell last year was wrong and in fact had risen sharply.
  2. Cheney helped Haliburton land no-bid contractPentagon officials have acknowledged that Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff and other Bush administration political appointees were involved in a controversial decision to pay Halliburton Inc. to plan for the postwar recovery of Iraq’s oil sector … The decision, overruling the recommendations of an Army lawyer, eventually resulted in the award of a $7 billion no-bid contract to Halliburton …
  3. Bush Rejects calls from Ronald Reagan’s family to relax stem-cell research restrictionsThe White House rejected calls Monday from Ronald Reagan’s family and others to relax President Bush’s restrictions on stem-cell research in pursuit of potential cures for illnesses.
  4. Bush pays tribute to Clinton In a rare election-year political truce, US President George W. Bush warmly paid tribute to Bill Clinton and even plugged his forthcoming memoirs at his formal White House portrait unveiling.

So, as expected, it appears that Cheney DID use his influence as VP to get Haliburton the fishy no-bid contract. Some will say that Haliburton had received no-bid contracts under the Clinton administration, to which I say this: Clinton nor Gore were never closely connected at any time with Haliburton. I’m not mad that a company out there got a no-bid contract from the government, which happens often, what I’m mad about is that it appears the VP of the United States used his office and influence to secure a no-bid contract for a company in which he was formerly CEO.

My favorite is that on top of all the bad press this administration has been getting lately Bush had to pay tribute to Clinton (the GOP’s version of the anti-christ) during the unveiling of the former President’s White House portraits. Ouch.

1 thought on “Bad Week For Bush

  1. You and your whole left wing slant simply suck! Get a backbone and stand up to the truth sometimes instead of hiding from it. The key word is “former” CEO. Cheney knew the company well, knew its capabilities and knew that it was the best qualified to do the post war job…but gained nothing from it. You libs think you are so good at spinning. The only idiots who can’t see through the spin are the half informed, politically ignorant, angry left who are standing in line with their hands out instead of thinking for themselves and using some common sense. The same brood of idiots who couldn’t punch a hole in a ballot next to the name of a candidate in Florida…and then wanted to blame someone else for it.
    All I can say to you is this – cheaters, liars, cowards, socialists, revisionists, brood of vipers, self proclaimed intellectual morons!
    Now, have a good day!

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