Apple Titanium PowerBook == Love

I recently purchased an Apple Titanium PowerBook. It’s one of the new aluminum models with a lot of the bells and whistles. I bought it from Apple’s online store as a refurbished unit. I definitely recommend buying refurbished from Apple instead of new. The refurbs are kind of a grab bag so sometimes you get more than you order. I’m a perfect example of this – I got a 75GB hard drive instead of the 60GB that was advertised. I also got a BlueTooth module.

The best part is that I have my 17 inch Samsung LCD plugged in as a secondary monitor, which is nice. I’m still getting settled back into OS X. What I can say is that the 15 inch widescreen is amazing. Combined with the 80GB USB 2.0 hard drive and 40GB iPod and you’ve got a really stellar workstation. I plan on adding a BlutTooth phone so I can have Sprint PCS Vision on the road as well. The funny part is that I finally feel like I’m home again.

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