America did it again

Americans have reached an all time low in retardation. They voted Latoya London off of the show last night. Latoya was clearly the best singer on the show. Diana is coming into her own, though I still think she’s annoying as hell. But, rest assured Latoya will have a CD and, I believe, it will fare better than anyone who wins. Disgusting is really the only way to put it. This show has made me realize that most of the people that surround me in this great nation are idiots.¬†Well, the show and all those naked pictures of Iraqi prisoners being forced to fondle themselves that no one seems to care about.

8 thoughts on “America did it again

  1. Look what happend last year. Josh Grason(sp?) was knocked out in the same spot as latoya. Now he has cd, and a really good song out. My question is what you danced around: How in gods name is Jasmine still on that show? Hawaii is NOT big enough to keep her in, who else did it.

  2. Josh Grason, that guy was a chump, always looked constipated when he sung. He was terrible and deserved to be off the show far soon than he had. Josh Grason was the “Jasmine” of that season. He skated through with no talent. He’s a fat bastard!

  3. I hate Diana she is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen on American Idol. She is not a good singer what so ever either. Also maybe she should try to lose a little weight before she wants to become famous. Little girls in the world vote for the singers not the teeny boppers

  4. Forunately, Diana is a great singer, she’s just young and has an awfully nasally tone that she’ll probably grow out of.

    I think the love you have for me is greater than the love you have for yourself. Be all you can be and don’t be shamed.

  5. Can’t believe no one mentioned the “duck” Fantasia or if you want to talk about Josh being fat…did you miss the season with Ruben Studdard?

  6. Doesn’t matter what the person looks like, Josh is an awesome singer and I believe he will go far in the country music buisness. The judges of those shows are twits and wouldn’t know real talent if it bit them in the butt, so I am more than pleased when someone that is thrown out makes it big, it only makes the judges look more like the twits they are *laughing*

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