I've fallen for my blender

My parents bought me a new blender for my upcoming birthday. It’s amazing. 450 watts of pure blending power provided by the good people of Oster. The gift is a result of months of complaining about Lauren’s crappy plastic blender that couldn’t blend baby food if it wanted to. I’m not debating whether or not to make the blender an honored guest at our upcoming wedding. I suppose the bartenders will have their own.

Lauren and I have slated Wednesday night as daiquiri night. We’ve got a lot of vodka, a ton of ice that is just begging for some daiquiri mix. Combine that with my amazing new blend-o-matic and Fox’s The O.C. and you’ve got the making of a great night.

In other news Lauren and I visited my parents over the weekend. I’m a little miffed that my car somehow gets about 34 mpg on the highway and only about 23 city. Considering it’s a 4 cylinder stick you would think it would do better in the city. Of course this may be caused by me dropping it into second while going 40 to zip around some old hag in the left lane. The good news is the trip netted me 3 joyous hours at Boyne Mountain. I’m happy to report that I didn’t fall once. I did have a close call on the Medows run. Whoever let their jackass 8 year old kid in a black diamond should be shot. Sadly, after 3 hours of prime weather and even better snow (40 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and 10 foot base!) the main runs were overrun with idiots who think they can ski/snowboard. News flash, if you still snowplow down the mountain at 5mph you are NOT ready to go on black diamonds or even intermediate hills.

Finally, I’d like to announce that I’ve bought, redesigned and relaunched a BMW enthusiast site called BMWZ8.net, which aims to be a hotspot for BMW drivers around the world. So far I have photo albums, discussion boards and BMW related news. I’ve got about 5 other solid sites in the works that are small niche community websites that I will be launching in the coming months. I’ll keep you all posted.

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