I just got off the phone with my girlfriend. Her car, evidently, is acting up and she was wondering if she should call the dealership to get it fixed. I told her that was probably her best bet. I think it’s funny how gender stereotypes are so prevelant in our thoughts.

For instance, I wouldn’t know any more what could be wrong with Lauren’s car than she does. For all I know the hamster died. However, being male, we are supposed to know what is wrong with the car and how to fix it. If we can’t fix it we should know who to call.

What I find more humerous is that if we followed this trend you would think you should ask Lauren how to make a decent Basil Chicken or who she thinks the Salem Stalker is on Days of Our Lives and me who won last night’s baseball game or which stout to get next time your at Ashley’s, right? Wrong. I do all the cooking and I think Stephano is controlling Rex, John Black and possibly Kate to kill off his foes. And about that baseball game and stout? You’ll have to ask Lauren – she’s the expert in those areas in our household.

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