Of breasts and backs

I have a few grips today, as I usually do. Even Republicans have to question the idea of nominating George W. Bush for the Nobel Peace Prize. First he drops mad bombs over Afghanistan, which I totally support, then he wages one of worst one sided attacks in history, and then he gets a Nobel Prize? That’s just insane! Although Hitler was once named Time in 1938 followed by Stalin in 1942. Not saying that Bush is the same caliber as these two monsters.

In other rants today I was at California Pizza Kitchen when a person I was eating lunch with told me to look to my left. What did I see? The lady in the next booth over breast feeding her baby. I’m not sure if I’ve seen such an apalling site in all my days. I understand the kid has to eat, but put your boobs away and let me eat WITHOUT listening to your kid suck mom’s milk. It’s just rude and wrong.

And for news about broken backs. Cedar Point has a new roller coster named Top Thrill Dragster. The reviews are starting to come in.

Sweet Jesus. There’s Millennium Force. Way down below us.

It’s time to drop, at 90 degrees, from over 400 feet.

Abandon all hope …
If Hell has thrill rides, this brilliantly evil machine should be one of them.

Needless to say my sorry ass needs to get to Cedar Point and check this thing out! It looks amazing!

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