Sony Clicker

As people know I own an Apple. Some also know that I own a Sony Ericsson T68i. I love the phone, for the most part. What I love most is the wide array of “wow” features that Sony managed to pack into such a small package. But what I love most is that, with a bluetooth adapter, I can sync my laptop and my phone wirelessly.

Well, as of today, this feature is officially on steroids! Thanks to Sony Ericsson Clicker I can do all sorts of things with my computer from my phone. This includes controlling iTunes, PowerPoint, Keynote, DVD Player, and a few other things. Possibly the coolest thing ever: “Clicker” has proximity detection and allows you to customize what actions it takes based on whether you leave your mac or come back to it.

So when I walk away from my computer the screensaver turns on and iTunes pauses and when I come back those actions are reversed. Not only that I can use it as a remote for DVD Player (good for when I’m in bed watching a movie), a wireless mouse (yes you can use it as a regular mouse), and to guide my PowerPoint presentations. By FAR the best $9.99 I’ve spent in the last year.

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