Introducing PublishTron3000

When I worked at we had a really cool web frontend to RCS that the developers and designers used instead of FTP for file management. It was cool for a number of reasons.

  • RCS – It used RCS for version control of all files uploaded through the interface. A must have when you fsck up a file and need to revert to an older version.
  • File locking – PublishTron300 (PT3K) allows users to lock files while they are aditing them. Only the user who owns the lock can work on that file while it is locked.
  • Publishing – PT3K allows users to publish their files to a “live” site after they have verified the file is working on the developmental site.

Those are the main features of PT3K. It has quite a few others that makes managing websites with multiple developers a lot easier. The site isn’t up yet, but you will be able to download the source and learn more about it at

A little history. PT3K was originally developed in house at, where I worked from May of 2000 until September of 2002. released the source GPL sometime in the summer of 2001. It was at this time I started using PT3K privately and at places I consulted. Now that I started Jerum it seemed like a good idea to use PT3K for file management, thus version 2.0.0 was born.

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