Sirius Radio Review

It was with great anticipation that I finally activated my Sirius Sattelite Radio. Once I did get it up there were a few things that stuck out that I liked, and a couple of things that I don’t like. First off the things I do like. There are a crapload of stations that, at first glance, offer a lot of content. I also like the fact that all of the music comes through in digital quality. Being able to view the station name is cool as well.

The two things that piss me off royally are as follows. First, the radio cuts out when you are under anything, this includes pulling in for gas, pulling up to the ATM, etc. The second, is that they advertise 100% commercial free, when in reality they advertise their own services on many of the stations. The commercials aren’t frequent by any means, but it irks me that they advertise 100% commercial free.

The upside to this whole story is that I got the Kenwood MP522, which not only is Sirius enabled, but also plays MP3 formatted CD’s! You can break up the cd into folders and it displays folder name (aka album name) and file name (aka song name) on the display. Overall, I think the MP3 enabled CD player is a must have, but I’m holding out on a final decision on Sirius radio. At first glance commercial free, digital radio seems like a great thing. Maybe I set my hopes to high. And one more thing: They don’t have an up-to-date channel guide anywhere, which sucks really bad.

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