State of the Union

I loved how Bush’s state of the Union address was about everything but the Union. Maybe he noticed that his little war is killing an already weak economy. Maybe it would be a better idea to focus on America for once.

I agree that Sadam is a bad person. I think it’s rather universal that he’s a total lunatic. I agree that he should be disarmed. I also agree that the only way we can do that is through military action. But I don’t agree that now is the time. I don’t agree that we should shoot ourselves in the proverbial foot, by weakening the economy with war, to disarm him.

I still stand firm that the more alarming threat is N. Korea. Here is a country that we know for certain has nuclear capabilities, is outwardly hostile to countries in its part of the world, and openly defies the U.N. N. Korea shoots missles over Japanese airspace for shits and giggles, at least Iraq pretends it’s playing ball.

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