A chapter closes

Today I walked through the cold breeze finding my way to Pierce Hall. Once in I scanned the registry for University Accounting. I barely notice that the second c in Accounting is tilted while I run up the steps to the second floor, skipping every other step.

I wait for the lady behind the counter to call me up to the counter. I raise my voice slightly as I speak through the bullet proof glass asking her if I can use my Discover card to pay my remaining tuition balance. After replying with a quick yes, she processes the transaction and hands me a reciept.

Following the path I followed into the University Accounting office back to the stairs I run up to another floor to the University Registration office. I quickly fill out the application for graduation, making sure to spell my name legibly and correctly. Once completed with this I hand in my application. The clerk stamps the application with the date and, just like that, another chapter in my life has officially closed.

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