People Above

To all you dog lovers out there: You suck monkey butt. Dogs are big, loud, and annoying. Yes, I admit it, I’m a cat lover. I have a cat named Crash, after Crash Override, and he’s the bomb. He comes when he’s called, but leaves you alone if you don’t want to play. He stays out of the kitchen (most of the time) and has a great personality.

The reason I bring this up is because the people upstairs have a dog and an elephant, I think. I’m constantly kept up by this stupid thing doing wind sprints every night above my head.

Hopefully, the next place I live will have a No Dog policy in place, but I’m not holding my breath. I have horrible luck with apartments and those who live above me. Last year it was an insomniac who was constantly pacing back and forth at all hours of the day.

Year of the Matrix

I just read an exciting review of the upcoming Matrix sequels. I made the mistake of missing the first one while it was in the theaters. I won’t make that mistake this time around. I plan on being the first in line when this next one comes out. Here’s what I think is the juciest tidbit.

Fans will go particularly bonkers over one shot of an agent leaping from atop a moving car onto the hood of another and, with his feet, crushing the entire thing into a pretzel.

The article makes reference that the third one will in fact have both Neo and Agent Smith in it, which leaves everyone else up for grabs at this point. I read somewhere on the net that there is a possibility that Trinity is an agent, which would sadden me to no end.

Sleeping in separate beds

I couldn’t help but post this story about older couples having to sleep in separate beds while visiting home. I’m 22 and my girlfriend is 21, we’re both adults, and we spend every night together (usually at her place because mine is scary), but we sleep in separate beds while visiting my parents. I don’t fault my parents for this. I think they’d be OK with us sleeping in the same bed as long as some respect was shown, which makes sense. But, the topic hasn’t come up so it remains status quo as of now.

I think that a lot of the people quoted in the story would find most parents would be fine with it as long as one simple ground rule was followed: No sex. I don’t think that would be such a horrible request.

Fighting Spam

There was an interesting article on Slashdot about ways to fight spam. Spam is the bastard child of email and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There have been a number of interesting ideas thrown out there, the most interesting of which is the idea of “micropayments.”

A micropayment is something that could come to light in a few different forms. I envision two types. The first would be monetary. The sender, if not on my “white list”, would be required to send a token payment (maybe 0.0001 dollars per email) to a PayPal type account before my SMTP server would accept the email.

The second type of micropayment option I could see is that of a processor payment. This would entail my SMTP server requesting a valid token for my email. The encrypted token would eat up a few CPU cycles, costing the server in load. Spammers wishing to send billions of messages a day would require vast server farms that would, hopefully, not be cost effective. The problem I see with this option is that large email shops like Yahoo! and Hotmail might not be able to support the load of their own email servers sending out valid email.

MBA in my future

I’ve been thinking more and more about pursuing my MBA. Since I went to a cheap school for my undergrad, I’ve been checking out some of the more prestigous business schools in the country. I’d love to go to Stanford, but a more realistic option is the University of Michigan.

Why an MBA you might be asking yourself? I know that I’m not going to be programming for the rest of my life and an MBA will open many doors for me. Of course the average starting salaries don’t hurt either.

Legal problems in blog land

With thousands of people opening up their personal blogs every day, blogs are becoming a media form of their own. But, many do not realize that what they post could very well get them in trouble in real life. I learned this first hand in high school. Posting you think the bully in your school is an asshole is a sure fire way of getting your ass kicked. The Washington Post has an interesting article on the legalities of what authors post to their blogs.

Posting information or opinions on the Internet is not much different from publishing in a newspaper, and if the information is defamatory, compromises trade secrets, or violates copyright or trademark regulations, the publisher could face legal claims and monetary damages.

I’m sure theres more than one or two posts on this site that contain information that could get me into some sort of trouble. With my site getting more and more traffic every month I try harder and harder to keep my content legal-trouble free.

This is another interesting point to note. I feel that I would be a lot more open in my blog if it were anonymous. I’d let loose some of my more liberal (and conservative) feelings that I now hold back out of fear of offending a coworker, family member, or future employer.

Wall Street Pay Fines

It’s nice to see that the SEC is working to combat the onslaught of bad business practices that were pervasive during the 90’s bull market. These companies funded “research” into stocks they were not only actively investing in, but encouraging their clients to invest in as well. Of course this lead to “research” that was tainted to push the stock higher. The investment houses agreed to pay over 1.4 billion dollars in fines, fund independent research, and separate research operations from invenstment banking operations.

Having lived through the bubble as both an investor and as a dot commer this news doesn’t surprise me. We all bought stocks that were totally overpriced because of high expectation and faulty research. That’s how it was. Now I use my Datek account as a money market account.

Google bucks the trend

Everyone knows the coolest way to interface with web services is SOAP. Evidently no one told Google this. They use SOAP for their Google Search API, which is very cool, but decided to use flat tab deliminated files and FTP as it’s interface for Froogle. If you work for a retail shop I highly recommend posting your products there. I can see this becoming a major source of traffic for web stores around the world.

Stupid Crimes

Being a huge fan of the Darwin Awards, I found this story about the dumbest crimes of 2002 in Canada quite amusing.

Probably the best part of the whole story is the blurb outlining a teacher’s twist on those ever troubling story problems:

Students were asked to figure out how much Willie would make for stealing a number of luxury cars, how far a thief could travel on a stolen skateboard before getting “whacked,” and how many “tricks” three prostitutes would have to turn in order to support their pimp’s cocaine habit. The teacher was suspended from the classroom until June 2003.

The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. A famous philsopher once said people were inherently bad, I say they are inherently stupid.