With no one in second who's first?

People who have college degrees earn more over a lifetime than those who don’t (over $1 million more). The article says the researchers would like to use this tidbit to get more students to go to college. My question is this: if everyone went to college who would be left over to do menial labor? In recent years we’ve seen a surge in college enrollement, while the job market has declined. Who’s the first to be laid off? High paid consultants usually. This reminds me of one of my sayings “If there weren’t losers we wouldn’t be winners.” Think about it – who’d clean up the bathrooms? I sure as hell wouldn’t if I was sitting on a degree. Does this mean colleges will offer “Janitors 101”? It’s really dumb. Some people aren’t meant for college – everyone should just let them be.

Concert Season

It’s that time of the year again. Before dating Lauren I really didn’t go to concerts, however, since meeting her I’ve been to two. Both have been a lot of fun. The first was to see Default (Lauren’s favorite band) at the House of Blues in Chicago. The second time I happened accross tickets to see Dashboard Confessional and Weezer. Default was amazing (as was their warmup Injected) as was Dashboard Confessional. However, Weezer completely stole the show. Having not been a huge follower I was plesantly surprised to find them to be an outstanding band. They blew both Lauren and I away.

I've lost my $HOME

Hardware problems cause a person to lose three of the things they treasure: their time, their money, and their sanity. Today I got a double dose. The first dose came in the form of my company issued IBM Thinkpad. I bought a shiny new 18GB hard drive (quite the upgrade from 6.4GB) only to find that it didn’t fit (despite the company telling me it would). The second dose cam in the form of a VERY dead hard drive which went up in a ball of flames (actually crc errors during boot). I’ve installed a shiny new copy of Debian on a spare drive. I’ve yet to try mounting my old $HOME, but I doubt I’ll recover anything (like the 2 years of work stored on it).

Do coders think of endusers?

I’m a coder. I have endusers – roughly 2 million of them. Do I think about them when I code? No, we pay an outstanding and invaluable person to do that – I incorporate her changes as I go along. I usually don’t question her changes because she’s the expert when it comes to UI and enduser experience. I just ran accross this thread from a KDE developer responding to this article from an endusers point of view.

Here’s a few choice quotes: “She raises many interesting points although I don’t think all recommendations
are that great. (Auto-disapearing menu-options? *yuck*) On the bright side,
we can pick the ones we do like :-)” and “I really wonder whether we should
waste CPU cycles on making the zooming more smooth.” The first one is just dumb – if enough users want it to justify coding it then do it and put it in the control panel for people to turn on/off as they please. The second one isn’t something I deal with often because I code applications for the web (therefore everything should be blazingly fast and we can’t program stuff that will bork our servers). On the desktop side of things it should be up to the user if they want to waste CPU cycles (afterall it’s the enduser’s CPU cycles not the developer’s that get wasted). This is another thing, if justified by enduser’s desires, should be added as an option to be turned off/on at will. This topic is a HUGE beef I have with OSS developers and one I’m guilt of as well.

Linux as an enduser

As you know I recently switched to GNOME because I wanted something easier to use. Well I’m back to Enlightenment, which is no surprise. Gnome was horrifically buggy (the last straw came when apps started closing on their own mysteriously). I might take a look at KDE 3.0, but no garantees. On the same note here is a list of things that are supposedly fixed and the same author’s list of things that are yet to be fixed can be found here . I agree with most of his arguments. One thing I think that would be cool is an initiative something he talks about – categorizing all Linux apps into a “How do I …” (browse the web, chat on aim/irc/icq, etc.).

Easter Eggs

As many of you know programmers sometimes get bored and program little nuggets of fun into their programs to amuse themselves. Recently, I stumbled upon this site that aims to be an online archive of easter eggs. Not only does it have computer ones (ie. BeOS’s kernel has functions called “is_computer_on()” and “is_computer_on_fire()”), but also movies, tv shows, etc.

I almost care …

CNN is running a story discussing a proposed law in Navada to ease restrictions on pot (aka marijauna). The new law would allow adults (over 18?) to possess as much as 3 ounces of pot without incident. Personally, I could care less if Joe Blow smokes a joint before bed every night. As a police officer I’d much rather deal with a carload of potheads than some raging drunk. In my opinion, we should legalize pot and tax the hell out of it. On a side note I think if you’re old enough to die for your country you’re old enough to enjoy an ice cold beer.

About Damn Time

CNN is running this story about the increase in husband killing’s in Iran. I, personally, think it’s about damn time these women started fighting back against the opressive hands that have kept them down for so long. To a small extent I wonder how much western educations and influence has contributed to this.

Good Question

The debate over file swapping has been raging for quite some time. A recent story states the RIAA is going to sue actual users. In response is this comment on Slashdot. The user posts two questions, but the one that I find most interesting is this one: “If User A has a Old97s CD and legit MP3 copies of the disc on his machine and I also own the same Old97s CD and download his copies (instead of burning my own) did either of us break a law?” Personally, I see nothing wrong with this (given they both own the CD), however, I think the RIAA would see it quite differently. The reason? The RIAA isn’t too hip on fair use.