Child Support on Steroids

Yahoo News is running this story about the high court of Italy’s decision to make fathers pay child support until the child has found a job. The story goes on to tell of a man with a law degree still being supported by his father – what a lazy ass. I can already hear what my father’s reply to a story like this would be …

CD Protection

Here is a story about one man’s crusade to stop CD protected CD’s. Basically the story is that some CD producers are making their CD’s that will not play in computer drives that do NOT run on non-MS OS’s. Along with this topic is this story of Sony producing CD’s that actually CRASH your computer.

Two gems while surfing

First I’d like to rant about these idiots. I’m using NS 4.72 under Linux – perfectly capable of viewing 99% of all the pages on the net. However, PC Corp tells me that I can’t view their page. Evidently I’m not special enough.

In other news I found the worst of qmail group at Yahoo! It’s an archive of “…the worst and most human posts on the qmail ( mailing list (personal attacks, slams, flames, insinuations, etc.).” The list doesn’t fail to deliver either. I can personally attest to the amount of flaming that happens on this list – in fact I resorted to trial and error rather than mail the list.

Damn Hangnails

I have one of the worst hangnails right now. I’ve come accross a site that offers this tip for curing hangnails: It is often the result of frequent exposure to water or it could be a lack of Vitamin B and C in the diet. Don’t pull it off; trim it carefully. While this is no help to my current situation, I do know how to fix them in the future. A side note: those white spots on your fingernails apperently are caused by a lack of zinc – not, as previously thought, caused by telling a white lie. Whew!