Miester goes wireless

It’s official, after getting some issues with the modem out of the way it’s now up and running great. I get better reception with it than I do my cell phone. Below is some info about my wireless venture …

First let’s go over the hardware. I bought a Palm V off of eBay for 99.99. Yeah it’s a little low on RAM, etc. but it should serve my purposes nicely. Second, I bought the Minstrel V modem. It looks nice and thin in the picture, but in reality it turns your Palm V into the size of an average Palm III (maybe slightly smaller).

The modem has it’s own battery, which kicks ass. And it’s smart enough to know when you aren’t using it so it’ll shut itself off. The best part about going this route is the fact you can view ANY webpage, instead of being limited to Palm.net.

At any rate so far I give it two big thumbs up. For now you can browse your favorite miester.org articles using your mobile device here.

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