My first Digg code goes live

So if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been doing for Digg lately, you can now go to the site, log in and send invites to your friends. You’ve actually always been able to do this, but now you’re able to keep track of how many friends you’ve invited, those friend invites will be announced to the world on the homepage and you’ll automagically be added to the invitee’s friends list.

Once you’ve invited a friend, the friend needs to register and digg at least three stories before they count as a referral. At that point a little note is posted to the frontpage announcing your invite and your friend referral count in your user profile goes up. I, of course, invite all of you to join.

I’ve also been working on other magical doings, but I can’t talk about those quite yet. I hope to talk more about that work after it goes live as well.

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