General of 82nd Airborne Division wants Rumsfeld out

There is a growing chorus to oust Rumsfeld and it’s coming from a large group of retired generals. Possibly the funniest part of this ongoing story is the White House’s response.

The White House has defended Rumsfeld, saying he is “doing a very fine job.”

Who is in a better position to critique how well Rumsfeld is performing as the leader of the Department of Defense? A bunch of policy makers who’ve never fired a gun in their lives or the leader of one of the most elite fighting forces in the world who’s been fighting wars for 30 years?

1 thought on “General of 82nd Airborne Division wants Rumsfeld out

  1. Be sure to add that General Swannack cheated on his wife while he was in iraq with his female aide. Yeah, he is a real man to talk about morality. Not only that but the thousands of his own soldiers he should have been setting an example for. Go to the 82nd airborne museum on Bragg and you will clearly see he is not on the wall of past commanders. The fuck was FORCED INTO RETIREMENT. yeah commander of one of the most powerful army units in the world, yet the dipshit couldn’t figure out who he was sending an email to.Thats how his wife caught him. He sent a fuck fuck letter to his GIRLFRIEND but it went to his WIFE>

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