DB_Virtual 0.0.7

This is a critical update for anyone using DB_Virtual. I wasn’t passing $onoff onto the master DB::autoCommit() function which would effectively break transactions.

Additionally, I was noticing strange behavior when I would do a couple of INSERT queries and then immediately query for that data set after the transaction had committed. What was happening was that the records were created on the master, but the subsequent SELECT was going to the slave before they had propagated to the slave. Basically master/slave latency was breaking the SELECT queries. As a result, I’ve added DB_Virtual::queryMaster(), which acts just like DB::query(), so you can query the master node in such situations.

  • Fixed a bug in DB_Virtual::autoCommit() that wasn’t passing $onoff to the master’s DB::autoCommit()
  • Added DB_Virtual::queryMaster() so you can send queries directly to the master

Download DB_Virtual 0.0.7

2 thoughts on “DB_Virtual 0.0.7

  1. Man, keep up with all this tech geek crap that you put on your website and try to pass off as interesting and you are going to loose your nonGEEK fan base! REGROUP! UPDATES ARE NOT FUN TO READ!

  2. Hi Joe,

    I recently read your article on onlamp and decided to come download your package instead of doing it from scratch based on the article (since many things are left unexplained, such as defining config.php, FR_Presenter_common, etc.).

    I may be prematurely asking questions, but it seems your system has grown in scope a bit since you wrote that onlamp article and I’m hoping documentation covering the updates and added features will be coming soon?

    I’m looking at the code inside examples and it doesn’t seem like it would actually be functional since Framework/Site/example.php is not defined. Is the example supposed to be functional or simply to show how to call start()/stop()?

    I’m sure I’ll have more questions but I’ll go read some more for now. Thanks.

    Cheers, Brendyn

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