Cartoons where drawn by the Danes

Hey, you crazy Muslim fundamentalists, the US didn’t draw those cartoons so why are you burning President Bush effigies and vandalizing western businesses? You want to know why we think Muslim fundamentalists are backwards thinking crazy people? This is why. You turn every thing into a reason to burn your own provincial assembly building. This would be like us burning down the state capitol in “protest” of 9/11. Does that make any sense?

I liken Muslim fundamentalists, not regular sane Muslims mind you, to rednecks. They’re all about keeping their women bare feet and making babies while they walk around looking tough with their guns and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. The good news for us is that the rednecks appear to be content with their huge 4×4’s, trailers and booze so they don’t often go around looting and shooting up in the air.

Seriously, people, get a clue.

2 thoughts on “Cartoons where drawn by the Danes

  1. Well I think these protests are pretty clearly NOT about cartoons, per se, but about Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, etc.

    Love the redneck comment though, it’s right on. Rednecks are relatively rich (can afford 4x4s etc.) which is probably what keeps them from burning down churches. Oh wait, they do that too 🙂

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