I’m attempting to be more diligent in my shopping habits. Instead of simply going out and buying whatever the local big box has on the shelf I’ve been looking into various manufacturer’s websites and shopping around online for the best price. Today I bought the Sony SA-VE367T for my new receiver.

It dawned on me that I spent about 20 minutes searching manufacturers’ websites, searching Google for reviews/prices and then purchasing exactly what I wanted for about 50% less than retail. Simply amazing.

What are your shopping habits online? I use manufacturer websites to get model numbers and specifications, Google for finding user/expert reviews and pricing and then usually check out Amazon.com since they often have the best pricing and free shipping. What about you?

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  1. I have had a ton of great on-line experiences from various sources. I consistently find great deals on unopened stuff on EBay. slickdeals.net is great for a lot of things.

    Most recently I saved my parents $75 off a Canon Elph camera that they were giving my brother as a gift. $50 off retail from Dell Business, and another $25 with a coupon on Dell’s site.

    I saved a LOT of money this year by shopping on-line or using on-line resources.

    Right now I am scoping out my a GPS for my car. After rebates, rewardzone, gift cards, and discounts… I still can’t get a better price at BestBuy on one compared to an EBay sale of an unopened, non-refurb. Scary.

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