Pr0n is more important than War on Terror

Okay, I know there are a lot of people that find pornography offensive. It shines a bright light on some of the most taboo subjects known to man, which makes some people uncomfortable. It’s such a huge problem, evidently, that the FBI is paying agents to search for “deviant Internet porn”.

Where does one start with this lunacy? What constitutes “deviant” porn? The reason this is so strange is because the FBI is, for the first time, going after not just kiddie porn, but porn showing two consenting adults. Even worse is that the FBI and the US Attorney General considers this to be a top priority.

Don’t get me wrong. We should be busting people who view and peddle child pornography, but haven’t we got better things for FBI agents to worry about? For example, finding out where the hell is Osama bin Laden?

8 thoughts on “Pr0n is more important than War on Terror

  1. The FBI finding Bin Laden? Not sure if other than a poster on walls they are really actively supposed to be involved. Do you know of any FBI agents hanging out in Afghanistan on a regular basis?

  2. Actually, the FBI is *QUITE* active internationally. You can check out more at the FBI website. According to their own homepage the FBI international offices (usually housed in US embassies) two main purposes are to:

    1.) To stop foreign crime as far from American shores as possible.

    and …

    2.) To help solve international crimes that do occur as quickly as possible.

    So, yes, they should be doing more than hanging up WANTED posters.

  3. I was specifically talking about Bin Laden, Afghanistan, and the FBI. And I also specifically asked if you knew of agents hanging out in Afghanistan on a regular basis.

  4. Two consenting adults, I have no problem with that. But that stuff with three, four, five adults and barnyard animals, well, that deviant shit has to go. =8-)

    Mark, lighten up.

  5. Rob, you need to leave the goats out of this. Its not their fault they need some quick cash. You can only make so much money in a petting zoo. They have families and need to eat just like you and I.

  6. Let’s see if I can cover the bases…

    Rob… what the fuck are you talking about and who the fuck are you? I was asking a question [to Joe] because I don’t think there are quite honestly. You told me to “lighten up”, I figure I may as well give you a reason to say that.

    “J” — That post is from December 2001… I said, “Do you know of any FBI agents hanging out in Afghanistan on a regular basis?” I don’t know if nearly four full years ago constitutes “regular basis”.

  7. Indianapolis FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jim Davis (and a few others) returned back in April, other then actually hitting Google to find out who his replacement is I can’t tell you the “current” agent list. Should be pretty easy to find out though.

    least he was within the past year. 😉


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