I am SO going home …

Holy shit …

I’m waiting at the airport for my plane to board and my liver is officially on strike. This last week in Michigan was a total success! I started the week out celebrating Marnie’s wedding, which went well and I hope nothing but the best for them.

Tuesday and the first half of Wednesday was spent in N. Michigan visiting my mom and dad, which went well. My dad is still getting used to his new job and it seems to be going well. My mom made “chicken zigafoos” for dinner, which was great. I forget how much homemade mash potatoes make me feel better. Mmmmmm ….

I spent Wednesday night out with Josh and happened upon a few fraternity brothers of mine. Thursday Josh and I went out. Friday I went out with my brothers and then Saturday I went out with my fraternity brothers … again. Rough.

Overall, the trip home was a total success. I saw old friends, family and met a few new friends. I’m definitely looking forward to getting home though. I plan on hitting up the Seahawk’s game with Brad when I get back. I’ll post more after I’ve slept some.

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