Be the best bully you can be!

Looks like Rock Star is looking to rock the proverbial video game industry boat again. It’s not the next GTA, but rather a game titled “Bully” where the object is to be the biggest badass in your boarding school. As can be expected, some people are a upset about this.

Liz Carnell of campaign group Bullying Online says: “This game should be banned. I’m extremely worried that kids will play it and then act out what they’ve seen in the classroom.

Jesus! Would somebody please stand up and ask, “Where are the parents?” Who are the idiots that let their young kids purchase these types of games? Call me old fashioned, but I think parents should be involved in setting and enforcing boundaries for their kids, not the government.

Here’s a crazy idea: How about you actually pay attention to what your kids are doing? How about you play the games your kids do and make sure they are appropriate?

3 thoughts on “Be the best bully you can be!

  1. Liz Carnell of campaign group Bullying Online says: “This game should be banned. I’m extremely worried that kids will play it and then act out what they’ve seen in the classroom.”

    First off, what kind of lame fucking web site is “Bullying Online”? Secondly, LIZ, can we please talk about where the idea for this game came from? It’s the very classrooms you speak of! This game is not creating an unrealistic situation where kids get bullied in schools. It already happens and most people deal with it.

    Last time I checked, there are still not kids running around with grenade launchers in the streets of some 70s cocaine-binge town because of GTA.

    But I guess if your entire life is devoted to making up for your years of bullying small children in your youth as part of your therapy, you will jump at the chance to get your stupid web site some publicity. (no I don’t know this, but come on, how else can you justify that shit?)

  2. I can see from the point of view of some parents. I mean, what if you are the responsible parent and selectively allow your child to play some games. So you’re an involved parent, however you realize that in this day and age there are many many horrible parents in this world that let there children run wild. I’m not a parent but I can see the need to put labels on these games. Children mimic everything to some degree. Allowing a child to play this game is ridiculous, but being a smart parent I know there are *bad* parents who will buy these games for their children and my son/daughter has to go to school with them. You can’t stop this kind of idiocy from happening, but if you make some noise, it might just bring that percentage of moronic parents that buy this game for there underage children down.

  3. I, personally, think people should, ahem, grow a pair. The school bully is a integral part of shaping a child in my opinion. Kids need to learn that life isn’t full of roses and that the real world is a harsh place full of bullies. Now, I’m not saying it’s okay for a bully to beat the piss out of a kid day in and day out, but the occasional ass kicking is something that most people need to remind them they aren’t the center of the universe.

    As for Yoyo’s comment about watching out for bad parents, I agree they’re out there and you should watch out for them, but it’s not my job to raise OTHER people’s kids. If they want to purchase the games for their kids then that’s their business; my kid just wouldn’t be going over to their house or hanging out with their kids.

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