Cingular Doesn't want Cell Phones on Planes

It appears I’m not the only one that thinks cell phones on airplanes is a bad idea. What struck me in this article is the FAA‘s stance on cell phones.

An FAA spokesman told the paper that when it comes to calls on planes, the agency is looking at issues involving aircraft safety, not the social interaction of passengers.

They best worry about the “social interaction” of passengers if they let the various loud mouthed ass clowns make cell phone calls on flights I’m on. That is if “social interaction” involves me punching some asshat in the face for talking loudly on his cell phone in the seat next to me. Looks like it’s time to pony up the money for some noise canceling headphones.

2 thoughts on “Cingular Doesn't want Cell Phones on Planes

  1. Hey dere! Actually, on an air plane, ones cell phone shouldnt work anyways, since the towers are on the ground, and the plane flys too high to be within range. The FAA has some nonsense about it interfering with the equipment on the plane, which has been proven pretty much false, but the truth is, they just dont work. Now think about telling that to first class cabin full of lawyers, as opposed to “Interferes with equiment” aka, threatens life. I find most of the time Lawyers think they can argue away logic.


  2. Actually, they (the FAA and the airlines) have been testing technology that would allow cell phones to work properly on planes without interfering. Basically, there would be a mini cell phone tower on the airplane the your cell phone would connect with and, from there, connect to the cells on the ground.

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