Goodbye Anthony "hole in neck" Fedorov

Well, sanity has finally returned to American Idol. We are now down to the top three contestants after Anthony Fedorov was finally ousted. Looking back at who I chose to be American Idol finalists, I’d say I did pretty good in picking two out of three.

I called Bo Brice and Carrie Underwood as possible finalists. Luckily, I was totally wrong about Mikalah Gordon. I underestimated America’s willpower to vote against her. Also, after watching Anwar I’m not surprised he was voted off. Despite having an amazing voice, which I still think was one of the best voices in the competition, his performances were a complete snoozefest.

Out of the three finalists we now have I could care less who wins. I think they are all great. Bo doesn’t have the strongest voice out of the three, but he’s clearly the best performer. Carrie and Vonzell have amazing voices, but I expect Vonzell will edge Carrie out if it were to come down to those two.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Anthony "hole in neck" Fedorov

  1. what is wrong with you…stop calling him hole in the neck fedorov cause ull get a hole in ur body when anthony fans beat the shit out of you…and sanity was with american idol when anthony was there…there wasnt sanity when you kept on talking bout it and annoying the shit out of anthony fans and american idol..i bet american idol has enough of ur bashing and ur retarted name calling cause watever you say goes back to you..cause when you say anthony is gay or shit ur talken bout urself. stop bashing you loser computer geek who has no life!!!

  2. seriously i dont meen to be like this but stop bashing. anthony did nothing to you hes just an american idol contestant.

  3. Anthony doesn’t have a hole in his neck you loser! It’s a scar that he couldn’t help! If he didn’t have that scar, he would be rotting away in some grave somewhere! god! The doctors said he would never talk or sing ever in his life and look at him now! He was on American Idol and in the top 4! Anthony you rock and i will be your fan forever!!
    i <3 you!

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