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Now that 12% of my traffic comes from various searches involving the name Anthony Fedorov I thought I’d post a followup to my other Anthony Fedorov posts. The reaction I’ve gotten has been an endless source of amusement for me and I want to thank everyone for responding. The following are a collection of the various comments and email I have received regarding the aforementioned posts.

Yea for real if someone likes anthony thats there biz not yours so u need to lay off and get over it if u dont like him than whatever get over other people do just cause u want someone off doesnt mean other people do the world dont revolve around u!!! so get a life and face the facts nobody cares what you want so give it up

It was after this comment that I turned on “AOL Kiddie Filtering” in my blog. No longer are you allowed to post “ppl”, “cuz” and the like on my blog. One of the overwhelmingly obvious traits of the feed back was the complete lack of understanding of the English language; especially punctuation, spelling and the use of upper case.

YOU’RE A PIECE OF ****! Everyone who keeps insulting the “hole in Anthony’s neck” or the fact that he’s Russian (Ukrainian actually) should go f*** themselves! It’s not his fault that he had to go through that operation! And there’s NOTHING wrong with having a Ukrainian American Idol! YOU F****’N RACISTS! ANTHONY DID NOTHING TO YOU SO SHUT THE F*** UP! You have NO right to call him an IDIOT or WANNABE for trying to fufill his dreams! YOU a**holes don’t have the guts to do what he’s doing so get up of ur F***’n ASSES AND DO WHAT HE’S DOING BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR UNGRATEFUL MOUTHS! JACKASSES!

Everyone who’s telling these people off, you rock. Anthony was excellent and if anyone has a problem with him, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

I about fell out of my chair when I read this one. I really couldn’t stop laughing. I’m not sure who Via is, which is the person who sent me this, but thanks for the great laugh.


Now, one of the most troubling things the comments kept bashing me about was the whole “Who cares if he’s Russion?” argument, which I didn’t understand since I hadn’t ever brought that up before. The only thing I said was that the hole in his kneck freaked me out and that I thought he was an idiot. Oh, I also said that I thought he wasn’t a great singer. Good, but nowhere near great.

you (sic) people are so mean to anthony!!! (sic) you (sic) should not be picking on him just (sic) thing in his throat. oh (sic), and by the way its not a hole their is still skin there!!!!! (sic) so stop picking on him! lets (sic) see you get up there and sing in front of millions of people. how (sic) could you be so heartless and pick on someone you dont (sic) even know.!* (sic) you (sic) all are a bunch *idiots*! so (sic) stop being such immature children and you are acting like five year olds, and you might want to go back to 2nd grade and re-take (sic) english! i (sic) mean come on im (sic) in 9th grade and i have better grammer (sic) than you!!!!!! so (sic) shutup (sic) and deal with his hottness (sic)!

Oh man, I laughed and laughed and laughed at this one. What really made me laugh was the following sentence. It just drips with irony.

so stop being such immature children and you are acting like five year olds, and you might want to go back to 2nd grade and re-take english! i mean come on im in 9th grade and i have better grammer than you!!!!!!

  1. All of your sentences need to start with an upper case letter (ie. Stop being such immature children …)
  2. The first sentence is a run-on sentence.
  3. It should be “second grade” and “ninth grade”, not “2nd grade” and “9th grade”, though this is up for debate, I suppose..
  4. It’s “retake” and not “re-take”.
  5. Possibly the best part of the sentence is her spelling of “grammer”. It’s “grammar”. Rob is going to love that one.

What is, without a doubt, the best part of all of these comments is that they couldn’t recognize that the only reason I post about American Idol on my blog is because I know the absolute worst on the Internet will drop by and make me laugh with such stupid comments. I could care less who wins American Idol. The funny part is watching 35,000,000 idiots call in over and over for people on the basis of who is “hot” or “nice”, not who can actually sing, and then blogging about the lunacy of it all only to have said people then invade my blog to defend their favorites.

I welcome all to browse around the posts above and read over the comments. There are some true gems in there. I’ve only included a few of the emails I’ve gotten, but they are the best of the best for sure. Hope you laugh as much as I have.

9 thoughts on “Anthony Fedorov Fan Mail

  1. To Braindead Loser,

    Screw you jackass. First of all, don’t correct anyone’s grammar ’cause that’s their business. Second of all, if you find what I wrote funny then you’re the real joke retard. Another thing, be lucky you don’t know “who this Via is” because if you did, you wouldn’t have a mouth to laugh with.

    I’m through with your childish games. You’re really mental if you weren’t expecting Federov fans to yell at you. Next time, keep ur mouth shut and keep your opinions locked in your non-existant brain.

    -Better than you in every way possible

  2. yo..would you freaken stop saying shit bout anthony..ur are annoying like hell and its retarted like you…he isn’t an idiot look at urself.. because ur a loser who has no freaken life…got that.. you think the hole in his throat is weird because you never had an obstacle in ur life like this cause im sure ull be crying ur ugly eyes out cause you have no life….. stop bashing cause ur the idiot who doesn’t know any that. I bet ypu don’t have no guts to make it this far on American idol cause losers don’t know how to do anything like you! because whatever comes out of ur mouth is shit and by the way he is a great singer you just open ur ears to see how he sings.just cause you don’t like him doesn’t meen you can say shit bout him…cause ur the shit. don’t worry ill bring Anthony and hell read and ull see what will happen!!

  3. okay.let me set this straight so youll little peaunut brain will understand.first off,you have no right in judgeing ANYONE whats so ever!!!!.if he wasent a GREAT singer(which his is beyond great)then he wouldnt have made it to the FINAL 4.and its not a “hole”in his throat.a hole is when you can see straight thru it which you cant therefore it is not a hole.anthony is my hero and lots of other peoples too.if you have enough time to sit on your butt and talk about someone you dont like then you have wayyyyyy too much time on your hands and should seek help.your just a hater who wouldnt be able to tell talent even if it crawled out of your butt and screamed its name.saying you laugh at something until you cry or whatever does not make you look any harder or bigger or tougher so cutt the crap.we’re all sick of it.pull your over sized head out of your butt and join us in a thing called life.

  4. I believe that the manufacturing of this website is wrong. I have spotted this site a variety of times and have concluded making a humility of people is sick. Only because they have an opinion different than yours doesn’t mean you need to make fun of them? No, and making fun of a man (who by the way is gorgeous and one of the best singers in the world) is also rude and crude. I really think next time you try to become, what’s the word, POPULAR, or try to be COOL, instead do things yourself. Don’t call people namees etc. Don’t put down people because you are jealous. How about you do the right thing and act like an adult no matter what age you are. Pride is one of the worst characteristics in the world and you have it. You are putting down someone because either : you are jealous and you don’t understand. You know somewhere in your heart that what you are doing : hurting people and stating everyone is wrong except for you is ridiculous. I believe you are jealous and don’t understand. But then again, what would you know about voice? Have you ever been in a choir? Have you ever had to take lessons? Have you had to go through what any singer does? Get on stage, and be on television in front of people like you who are trying to stand in there direction of life? What would you know? Have you ever stopped talking for a day, just because you are saving your voice? Move away from home to try to live you dream? You wouldn’t know. But I would because I have gone to over eleven musical schools for voice and have studied over fifteen years. Just as Atticus Finch once said, “Usually people are nice, you just have to get in their shoes and walk around in them.” Ridiculing opinions that are different than yours – you have no idea how horrified I am and you should be ashamed. Whoever you are, you should become a role model, not trying to make a blog where people will debate you – and you take it as humor. Finally, in conclusion, I know that you are not perfect – as you have most evidentally shown in this website, and no-one is, but making fun of illness is unbelievable. You have shown me a side of the world that is prejudice and judicial. I am so amazed that anyone could go that low, even if it is a joke. I am sure that in your life you have been made fun of, and i am sure you didn’t like it. Next time, do the right thing. Next time, try to think of others because the least thing we need is more selfishness and pride. I don’t know if you have noticed but population : “Likes your site and your humor” is ONE. YOU!
    – the older and wiser one

  5. Firstly, it’s just cruel to pick on someone for their looks. So what if he had an operation, and has a scar on his throat (it is, by the way, a scar because if it was a hole you would be able to see right through it)? Though he was told he would never speak again, let alone sing, he somehow has managed to make it through to the top 4. Before you retaliate with “they’re only voting for him because they think he’s cute” think about this: the judges decide first and then the audience. Obviously the judges thought he was fit for the competition or they would not have let him through. It’s a free world, and Anthony has every right to do what he wants as long as he doesn’t break the law. If he wants to make his dream come true, he should be allowed to find a way to do so. If you don’t like him, fine. It’s your opinion and that should be respected. If someone has a different opinion they have the same rights as you: to be able to voice it without being ridiculed. If you post that you hate Anthony for whatever reason, fine, but if others say they love him they’ve got every right to say so. Anyway, what are you gaining out of making a blog mocking him? Popularity? Obviously not. Self-assurance? Maybe. Nothing but contradicting views and hate? Most likely. Think about it.

  6. you should really listen to these people including me becuase as you can see they know more than stop bashin..ur getting on my nerves

  7. To be fair, you did lure them here. If you didn’t want them here, you shouldn’t have talked about how much you hated him. You should know by now that if you bitch loud enough long enough, someone will bitch back, someone unintelligent most likely since they couldn’t keep their mouth shut.(yar, this includes me)On the other hand, you must have wanted them, in that you enjoy them and egg them on.

    It’s not nice to make fun of people. You come off as an asshole. Granted, the internet eliminates facial expression, gesticulation, and tone. You yourself said it should be based on talent, singing a female song is very challenging. He is strait, I don’t understand your hangup there. He has had multiple throat surgeries and shouldn’t be able to talk.

    And finally the english language sets itself up to be butchered. There are very few instances ,in life, where someone’s grammatical errors are so extreme that they impede the communication value of the message. There are too many pointless rules.

  8. Anthony , you do not belong in competitions and shows like “American Idol” . you are already way above those . I heard you sing for the first time tonight . you have a GOD given talent . you belong out in the real world . I can now see from the net , that you are a big star . I did not like what I saw on the faces of the jury from “American Idol” . what they could not hide .I suffered looks and words like what they said to you 30 years ago . in my country , I am a top composer now ( for many years ) because I trusted my talent and my fans . I want to tell you that you did a superior performance and I thank you for it .
    Moody elemam .
    Cairo , Egypt .

  9. hey,

    I want to know if you are making any cd’s and if you are going to appear anywhere anytime soon. Is there an email adress that I could write to you?


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