America West Redeems Itself

After a rather annoying flight delay caused by America West in Las Vegas I wrote in to their customer support department outlining my issues. My main issue was that I was delayed about nine hours and the America West representative didn’t even offer to buy me dinner. The delay was only part of my problems, which included being thoroughly searched after having to exit the secure area.

I honestly didn’t think I would ever hear back from them. A few days later I got an email saying that a customer service representative was looking into my complaint and would followup with me shortly. Much to my surprise Lauren told me that I had received a letter from America West.

Enclosed with a letter saying how sorry they were that their customer representatives had failed to provide adequate care was a voucher for $100 off my next America West flight. While this only amounts to about $10 per hour for my delay, I consider it fair retribution for my troubles. Just wanted to let everyone know that, while the delay sucked really bad, America West made amends and did so quickly I might add (voucher and letter of apology in less than two weeks).

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  1. My experience with Northwest (not America West, but I’ll share anyways) was fairly good when I had a delay flying out of D.C. to Detroit. We were delayed for about 30minutes and received a few coupons for our flight, free miles for NW if we wanted to sign up (which I did anyways), responsible apologies, and prompt updates.

    Certainly your situation had much harsher circumstances so it is good to see that they took care of the matter promptly and mostly adequetly. It would have been very responsible for them to, as you mentioned, score you some dinner… provide you with a gift cert to vending areas, etc. Oh well.

    Now, don’t get me started on the customer service at Ford Field… never have even heard back from those assholes since my fun near-frozen experience this past winter. 🙂

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