Congress is Busy!

Man, am I so happy that my senators and congressman are working hard at eradicating the evil perils of our society! They’ve been working nights! Weekends! Why? Well, evidently it’s been legal for years for spouses and guardians to remove loved ones from life support and now people are ACTUALLY DOING IT! Holy Crap!!111111

This happens every day to poeple all over the world. So why is this case different? Well, my mother always told me the squeaky wheel gets the oil and that is what this appears to be a case of. The parents want their daughter to “live” (if you call a persistent vegitative state living), while her husband and legal guardian says she wouldn’t want to live that way. Guess who gets to choose? The husband. Pesky laws are getting in the way again!

In other news, Congress has been very busy working to eradicate steroid use from MLB. If this isn’t the biggest waste of my tax dollars I don’t know what is. I’m actually amazed they found the time to tear themselves away from the procedings to try and save Terry Schiavo.

Both of these news stories are PERFECT examples of political grand standing. If you have been buying into any of this shame on you. I, on the other hand, am going to call my representatives and tell them to start using their time more wisely or they’re losing my vote.

3 thoughts on “Congress is Busy!

  1. On a note about the baseball steroid use. It’s interesting that you can tell that not every baseball player is on steroids and you have to ask yourself, why is congress attacking baseball. If you look at the sport of football, you probably can count the number of football players that don’t use steroids on your left hand. Famous football players have died of steroid abuse and were very public about it. Why isn’t football being attacked? You can not make it in football without some steroid use, you can however, make it in baseball.

    Mr. Bill

  2. My only guess is they give baseball more attention because it’s “America’s Past Time”. Most people outside of the US play “football” with a little white ball with black checker marks on it.

  3. A little searching on the internet revealed that there are oral steriods which only stay in your system for a day or so because they are metabolized so quickly by the liver like most other oral drugs. So, I would assume that they can use them to build muscle in the off season and not show up positive in tests later on during the season, then once the muscle is there it’s easy to maintain with proper diet and training. Same thing with the olympics or any other sport. I guess my point is they are already illegal, what more can/should the govenment do? Seems like all they need to do is just impliment the laws that are already in place if it’s that big of a deal. Big waste of time if you ask me.


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