My Proposal for DRM

A lot is going on with DRM in regards to music and movies. The MPAA and RIAA both think that files should be completely locked up, not allowing you to play your music how you wish to play it. Personally, I think this goes agains fair use guidelines.

My proposal is simple. Software that rips CD’s and download stores like Apple’s iTunes Music Store should watermark each digital file with the user’s full name, address and phone number. I know I’d think twice before uploading an MP3 with all of my personal information onto Kazaa or another P2P sharing program.

I’m not sure how to implement this proposal, but it would be quite effective I think.

3 thoughts on “My Proposal for DRM

  1. The only problem that I can see with that watermark is somebody will learn how to get it and use it for some other reason.

  2. Just as long as I can rip the watermark off and download the music off Kazaa, they can do whatever they want. 😉

  3. While that does sound nice — it’s actually completely useless. How are you going to prove that the file isn’t tampered with? Digital signatures with SHA-1? (heh). The point is, there are never going to be correct DRM implementations that I can forsee without having every device you own verifying their validity.

    If I can edit the bits of the file to change the name… you lose. If I strip the bits out of the file altogether… you lose. How would you feel if you were being told that a file with your name on it was being distributed around, be indicted, only to waste legal fees and time to get cleared of charges.

    Apple’s DRM can do this kind of thing because their format only works with their software and players. If you want a DRM that can stretch across the board like this, but not have any restrictions… you are more so looking for Microsoft universal DRM.

    Either we control our content with restrictions — or we are controlled by anyone with spare time and mallicious intent. DRM sucks, of course — but if we are going to have to have DRM (which we are… and more of it), Apple’s policy is still the BEST. Their fair-use has never impeded my life what-so-ever.

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