Goodbye 2004!

2004 was a busy year for me. The year, sort of, started with me asking Lauren to marry me on December 23rd. From there the year snowballed.

  1. I played competitive hoops for the first time in years
  2. Operation Fat Ass commenced and is still conducting maneuvers
  3. Operation Kitty Poo Poo started and, eventually, failed due to Crash’s inability to poop in the toilet (though he would pee without issues)
  4. I switched to VoIP and haven’t looked back since
  5. I got addicted to ITMS
  6. Bush and his war in Iraq continued to suck
  7. Not really from this year, but use this to debate your Christrian Fundie friends
  8. We visited (part 1) New York City (part 2)
  9. I bought a powerbook, which I’m using to create this entry
  10. I got addicted to American Idol and, as a result of my AI posts, a bunch of idiots flooded my site
  11. Cameron Barrett and I worked together on a few projects
  12. I learned bitmasks
  13. I redesigned the site
  14. I visited Brad in Seattle and Dana in San Diego
  15. Lauren and I moved to Seattle
  16. Lauren and I bought a condo in Seattle
  17. I left independent consulting, sort of, to work for Blue Frog Mobile
  18. We bought a new car, a Mazda 6i
  19. We got a dog
  20. I broke a bone, my first (unless you count me blowing out my knee, which wasn’t really a bone)
  21. I switched out my glasses for contacts, which I affectionally refer to as my devil children
  22. Went snowboarding in BC with Josh, Ali and Lauren
  23. I spotted a few celebs during my travels back to Michigan
  24. Lauren and I, after a year of anticipation, were married on December 18th, 2004

All in all it was quite an exciting year for me. I’m no married, a home owner and live in Seattle. Just more proof that a LOT can happen in a mere 12 months. Hope your year was as good as mine!

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