Back from OSU

I’m finally back from my trip to OSU. The PHP training went well, though I do think some of the more advanced topics went over some of the students heads. However, all of them said they came away with some things though could use to instantly improve their applications, so it wasn’t all in vain.

While I was down there I was able to visit with an old fraternity brother and roommate of mine as well as my soon-to-be best man for my wedding. Many beers were drank and more than a few chicken wings met their doom.

Before I wrap things up here I’d like to point out a few things that I hate about flying and being in airports. Below is a small list of things that annoyed the hell out of me on this recent trip.

  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t walk like they’re site seeing while walking through the terminal? Come on people! Pick up the pace!
  2. Why isn’t there an airline that offers adults-only flights? I’d pay $50 to $100 above a regular ticket price if I knew there would be no chance of an infant being on the aircraft when I boarded.
  3. A lady sitting next to me actually reach across the row of seats into MY pouch (the little puch in front of your seat) and grabbed one of the magazines I had purchased. Hey lady, how about you buy your OWN magazines next time?! I don’t mind her reading my magazine, but I do mind the fact that she assumed something in my area of the aircraft was fair game.
  4. I now know why everyone got so upset when my fraternity was up late drinking and partying at the hotels we stayed at for formals.
  5. C’mon! If you have a convention center in your hotel you HAVE to have high speed internet in all of your rooms. And if you charge for it I’ll never stay at your hotel ever again. If the Comfort Inn in Souix City, SD gets this why can’t you Holiday Inn?

Ahhh. I feel better now.

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