Checking Server Status – Easily

I’m currently working on a simple backup script and I wanted to make sure my backup server was up before I sent stuff from my laptop over to the backup server (which is housed here locally on a nice software RAID setup). It’s nothing ground breaking, but I couldn’t find a simple utility to simply ping a server, timeout gracefully and return a valid exit code. So, being the geek I am I made one.


  $timeout = 5;
  if (!isset($argv[1])) {
      die("Usage: php -q server_status ipaddress:port [timeout]n");
  } else {
      list($server,$port) = explode(':',$argv[1]);
      if (isset($argv[2]) && is_numeric($argv[2])) {
          $timeout = $argv[2];

  $fp = @fsockopen($server,$port,$errno,$errstr,$timeout);
  if (!$fp) {
  } else {


5 thoughts on “Checking Server Status – Easily

  1. If that script doesn’t work out because of php’s sometimes flaky socket handeling, you can try these:


    All of them return a true or not true value.

    Any of those would seem more reliable than PHP’s socket functions. That’s just off the top of my head since I don’t know if you actually mean ICMP when you say ping. You might like the ssh one, as I assume you will be doing your backup through ssh anyway – but if your ssh timeout is too long, you might like the nmap better.

    ssh $hostname /bin/true && do_something

    ping -c 1 $hostname && do_something

    nmap -p 22 –host_timeout 5000000
    $hostname && do_something


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    Good point on the content. I need to make something up that will indemnify me from what you crazies post in the comments section.


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