Wedding / Move creeping up

Lauren and I spent pretty much all day Sunday working on wedding related stuff. For starters we registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can find a link to our registery online by clicking on the “Wedding” button to your right. It’s kind of funny because all of the stuff, except for a few, will mainly be used by me. I’m excited at the thought of getting some real cookware. Lame, I know.

We are also gearing up for “the big move” out west. As one might guess Lauren and I can’t make up our mind about where to move, which can be a problem when you get to choose out of so many great cities (San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle top the list).

Right now we are taking a closer look at Seattle. From what I’ve heard from people who have actually lived there or spent time there is that it doesn’t rain all year round (just a few months in the winter) and that it’s an amazing city. What I like about Seattle is that I can get a two bedroom out there for about the same price as I can here in Ann Arbor. It also means Lauren and I could buy a lot sooner than we expected. Before any decision is made, though, I will be taking a trip out to Seattle and San Diego to check out the scene and visit a few friends. I’ll update with more when I can.

6 thoughts on “Wedding / Move creeping up

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  2. Stay the hell away from San Diego unless you can afford to live in La Hoya. It’s a semi-decent vacation spot (the coastal area), but it’s pretty much about to be annexed by Mexico.

  3. Please look through this site – it is NOT devoted entirely to hating John Stevens. How presumptious are you to say that? Also, you’re cross posting – post to the right entry please.

  4. Looking forward to your visit to Diego, it’s amazing and I don’t know if I’ll ever leave! Not sure what Mr. VanDyke is talking about, SD is only 25% Hispanic/Latino (mostly inland). The cost of paradise is high though if you want to live in the coastal areas.

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