A Portrait of the Fallen

A Portrait of the FallenI was browsing around the Internet, as I often do, and came across this chilling picture. It’s a portrait of the fallen soldiers who gave their lives in the second Gulf War.

I think everyone here knows my stance on the war in Iraq, which is why I thought it was apt that I post this photo. You can view a larger version by clicking on the image to your left (warning: it’s a large download).

My only hope is that President Bush has seen this photo and feels a slight pang of guilt. Even if he saw this picture I doubt that he would feel any remorse about his hactions. Afterall, some of us think he is a sociapath.

I’ve been reading up on the “Coalition of the Willing”. Did you know that most of the countries in the “Coalition” were paid and that most did not even provide troop support? Did you know that fully 9% of people in the UK supported the war in Iraq. The UK, however, was split evenly at 45% when asked who was a greater threat to the world: George W. Bush or Saddam Hussein. Personally, I think GWB is because he’s got the nukes to back up his crazy ass plans. So the next time you are thinking we were right and just to invade Iraq I want you to think about the following things:

  1. We have found absolutely no evidence of WMD, which was, in the beginning, the reason for us going to war.
  2. The Iraqi citizens hate us just as much as they hated Saddam.
  3. Real people are dying every day in Iraq tearing apart both Iraqi and US families.
  4. We have found absolutely no evidence of WMD, which was, in the beginning, the reason for us going to war.
  5. Picture the above portrait – there are real costs to this war other than dollar signs.

In other news the Pentagon is pissed off about the recent release of photos of dead soldiers arriving back stateside. Personally, I think the photos are something that everyone should take a look at. It puts things in perspective. Much thanks to The Memory Hole for filling out the FOIA forms and fighting to get these photos to the public.

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