Operation Kitty Poo Poo – Four out of Four

Today was a great day in our household. Why? Because Crash managed a perfect four point stance without having to have his feet positioned by yours truly. I even had time to snap a picture for everyone’s enjoyment. Needless to say it is a very happy day. in our house.

I finally resorted to using a motion detector to listen for when Crash was heading into the bathroom. He’s caught on that the beeping noise triggers me running to the bathroom and I think he does it frequently just to see me run around. This has resulted in Lauren and I forming a tag team. When I hear the chime she double checks from her view point in the living room to see if the has ran back out already.

Though last night he did slip one past me when he went number two. I think after a few more days we will be ready to add water to the bowl. Once he is using the water in the bowl then we are all set to remove the bowl. Also, the picture should answer anyone’s questions about the logistics of how cats go potty in the toilet¬†without getting it everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Operation Kitty Poo Poo – Four out of Four

  1. Ya know, Joe, I have another friend who used to have a toilet-trained cat and I always wondered how hysterical that would look. Now I know. thanks. Good luck with the “operation”, I know Emma would never stand/sit for such treatment.

    Crash looks like he has all the attitude one would expect from a cat on the crapper. Great pic!

  2. But can he flush? Also you have a problem with pet-eye in your photo. Try turning off your flash, reducing it or bouncing it off the ceiling.

  3. Did you coordinate your cat with the bathroom, or did you coordinate the bathroom with the cat?

  4. If you think the cat would like a little reading matter I’d try some of the Mrs. Murphy (cat) mysteries series books by Rita Mae Brown. They’re GRRRREAT!

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