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Thanks to http://www.debris.com I’ve found a new blog that I plan on keeping up on. You can read up on it at http://beyondthepale.us/. This is big news in my world as I, currently, only keep track of exactly three blogs on a daily basis (http://www.debris.com, http://www.simplebits.com¬†and http://www.rumblestrip.org). These blogs are part of the elite, in my opinion, of the blogging world. I used to be a big CamWorld reader as well (http://www.camworld.com), but he is currently on hiatus working on Wesley Clark’s campaign.

All of the above blogs are witty, fun to read and generally cover topics of interest to me. I read debris.com because Matt has an uncanny ability to make the most trivial things seem funny. He’ll take an offhand thought you usually don’t tell anyone or even remember and make it a hysterical blog entry. Rob G. at rumblestrip ranges from funny as hell with his fixation with his PVR to sincere with memories of his grandfather. I follow simplebits.com because he pushes the CSS evenlope that I’ve barely even opened.

Today’s newcomer is witty. Funny remarks and fairly wide open discussion covering everything from his youth to his battle with weight. He also makes a good point in his about section that having an anonymous blog is a good idea – I couldn’t agree more, which is why you may not see me blogging here anymore.

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  1. Joe, thanks for the pointer and the kind comments. I have this to say about blogging anonymously — I did it for years, but ultimately decided that people would be more inclined to listen to what I have to say if I don’t hide my name. I realize I may som

  2. Sorry about this, but my comments were limited to 255 characters. This should be fixed now.

    I’m now rambling on to see if it works without incident. I plan on repeating this sentenct three times to see if it works. I plan on repeating this sentenct t

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