A very merry Christmas

Christmas has come and gone. My holiday brought about some great presents and about 15 hours in the car, which was spent mostly talking about the wedding. Lauren has always wanted a winter wedding, which means we’ll probably end up moving to California in August and coming back for the wedding in December. We plan on having a very small wedding with only family and a few close friends.

Lauren and I have also made another major decision; we¬†have decided to move to San Francisco instead of San Diego (sorry Dana!). The main reason is that if my consulting business tanks I can easily find work in the Bay Area’s tech industry. We’ve been looking at apartments in the area and they appear to be only marginally more expensive than San Diego. It also didn’t help that Lauren fell in love with the area when we went there in October.

While up north visiting my parents Lo and I rented Mario Golf for the Game Cube and got totally addicted to it. We came home and promptly made a trip to the local GameStop to purchase a copy. Up until now it’s been me kicking her butt mostly.

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