Jared the Subway Guy

My recent battle to lose some weight has been somewhat successfully, but nowhere near as successful as others I know of. I saw my freshmen year college roommate lose about 80 pounds over the summer (which he attributed to my fat jokes – hey I’m a “motivational bully” of sorts – we’re still friends by the way). Another good example is Jerry the Subway Guy. He lost about 250lbs by just walking and eating Subway (veggie/turkey subs with no oil/mayo).

The funny part is how this regular guy has been thrust into the national spotlight as a pop icon of sorts. I love stories like this. A regular guy who sets out to achieve a personal goal and gets paid an assload of money to tell people about it.

Fogle said he’ll continue to be “Jared the Subway Guy” for as long as they keep sending the stretch limousine to pick him up for appearances. He’s also working on a book and thinks he might try motivational speaking.

Hell yah Jared! You can read the complete story here.

1 thought on “Jared the Subway Guy

  1. you suck!!!!
    i hate you’r name because you’r is just like mine, and you can’t imagine all the shit i have to put up with because like you, i am obese and do not appreciate, you’r intention to humiliate my name.
    worst of luck,
    jared franklin
    p.s. you still suck!

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