Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

I admit it, I’ve grown quite fond of my Apple computer. What I *really* enjoy is OS X’s keyboard shortcuts. Evidently, Apple has had a habit of making keyboard shortcuts for everything for quite some time. However, I work on a Windows 2000 box at work (don’t ask), which makes life a living hell if you’re used to keyboard shortcuts.

In an effort to find out how to do something simple, like say minimize a window, using the keyboard I happened upon a few pages that might be of some interest. Windows XP Hotkeys, Keyboard Shortcuts that should work in Windows 95, and other windows shortcuts. While I consider Windows lacking in the keyboard shortcuts one did catch my eye.

SHIFT & Restart – To restart just windows and not your whole computer, hold down the shift key when you click the OK button on the shutdown screen. Saves lots of time.

TUCOWS has another option called Active Keys that might be worth checking out as well. I just want someone to create a program that emulates Apple keyboard shortcuts on Windows.

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