Stinky Situation

I’m not even sure where to start on this one. Why isn’t the media going nuts about this? It barely got a headline on More and more is coming out about Halliburton’s role in post-war Iraq.

We’ve all heard Bush say multiple times that the oil in Iraq belongs to the Iraqi people and should be used to rebuild the country. Hrm.

… the company would: put out oil well fires and assess the facilities; clean up oil spills or other environmental dangers at the sites; repair or reconstruct damaged infrastructure; operate facilities; and distribute products.

Operate and distribute? Furthermore, this contract was awareded without competition. Huh? If you don’t know why this is such a stinky situation I’ll remind you that Halliburton is the company which Dick Chaney was the CEO of prior to being “Vice President”.

Of course the White House denies any favortism, but when one notices that the contract has no time limit and no dollar limit you have got to wonder. Cheney sold all of his Halliburton shares, but still owns tons of stock options. Hrm. My only worry is that this apparent scandal-to-be won’t be as vigoriously covered by the media as the White Water scandal was.

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