iPod! MythTV!

I won an auction last night for a used 5GB iPod. Granted it’s not a 30GB iPod, but I’m sure it will do. Plus, the thing only cost me $160.00; almost half what a new 10GB would have cost me. After I’ve had time to play with it I’ll give you my impressions.

I’ve also been working on an old project; getting my MythTV box up and running. I’m torn as of now. I have three options:

  • MythTV – Has everything I want, but uses a proprietary file type which may cause difficulty in burning VCD’s.
  • Freevo – much like MythTv, but doesn’t appear to be as robust. It does, however, appear to use a more standard file type.
  • Windows – I could use a Windows program which would make setup a breeze, however, it would not have a web frontend, MAME, MP3 ripping/playing, weather, etc.

As of now I have to worry about getting the damn thing to work. After I’ve got that pimping I’ll worry about VCD’s, etc. It appears right now that I have serious hardware issues, once I get those figured out and farther along I’ll post some pics of the whole process and, quite possibly, a HOWTO.

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